Manhattan LCD Mini Cleaning Kit, 421010

Alcohol-free solution ideal for use with flat panel displays, notebook computers, handheld devices and more


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Helps keep surfaces clean to restore brightness and clarity.
The Manhattan LCD Mini Cleaning Kit gently cleans and removes dirt, fingerprints and smudges from most LCD surfaces, making it ideal for use with flat panel displays, televisions, notebook computers and other electronics. A soft, synthetic brush gently eliminates excess dust and debris without scratching. The bristles retract into the handle to keep them clean and protected. The non-aerosol solution safely and thoroughly removes fingerprints and smudges without harsh solvents or abrasives. A soft, lint-free microfiber cloth gently cleans, dries and polishes for a clear, non-streak finish.

Safe and Alcohol-Free
For best results, spray cleaner onto microfiber cloth, gently wipe then quickly dry any excess liquid from LCD surface. Safe for frequent use on LCD surfaces to help restore and maintain brightness and clarity. Manhattan does not recommend that cleaning solution be directly applied to any LCD surface. Not recommended for use on anti-glare, privacy or polarized materials.
Product Type:   Cleaning Kit

Product Information

Recommended Use:   Debris Remover
Recommended Use:   Dust Remover
Recommended Use:   Smudge Remover
Recommended Use:   Dirt Remover
Recommended Use:   Fingerprint Remover
Application/Usage:   Display Screen
Application/Usage:   Electronic Equipment
Application/Usage:   Notebook
Features:   Alcohol-free
Features:   Lint-free
Features:   Streak-free
Features:   Non-aerosol


Package Contents:  

  • Cleaning Solution: 6.0 ml (2 oz.); Working and Storage Temperature: -10 ~ 50° C
  • Microfiber Cloth: 20 x 19 cm (8 x 7.5 in.)
  • Retractable Brush: 14 cm (5.5 in.)

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