Private Cloud

Get more freedom to customize, integrate & control with Private Cloud

A growing number of enterprises are discovering the benefits of moving to a private, single-tenant environment. A private cloud allows you to deploy your clients’ services in an environment that is not shared with other companies. In this dedicated environment, you have greater freedom to customize, integrate and control. Many of Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud services are available in a Private Cloud environment. This page explores some of the most popular options.

Dedicated Exchange email

Exchange email in a Private Cloud gives you more customization capabilities, integration with custom applications and remains fully supported.


Skype for Business in Private Cloud

Skype for Business is also available in a dedicated environment. Provide to your clients a secure alternative to personal instant messaging services


 SecuriSync in Private Cloud

File sharing and backup in a dedicated, single-tenant cloud deployment gives your clients more flexibility and customization capabilities.


 Microsoft SharePoint in Private Cloud

In a Private Cloud your clients get the powerful sharing and collaboration features of Microsoft SharePoint with the power and control of a dedicated environment.

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